Decrypt .odin extension files easily | An effective removal guide

Does your System files encrypted with .odin extension? Do you want to decrypt them? Are you looking for an effective solution? If yes then this post will definitely help you. Here a complete removal guide is described through which you can easily delete .odin extension from your files.

What is .odin extension?

.odin extension is a file extension that used by a new variant of Locky Ransomware called Odin Ransomware. This ransomware is a new cryptographic infection which uses rundll32.exe system process to run on the victims PC and encrypt their files. By appending .odin extension, it modifies System filenames and change them to set of letters, numbers and symbols. This ransomware creates 3 System files including _HOWDO_text.bmp, _HOWDO_text.html and _5_HOWDO_text.html. The image file is used by Odin Ransomware as a desktop background and contains a text message which described how to pay the ransom amount to get the decrypter tool and decrypt file. In the ransom note, it demand you to pay a huge ransom amount which cost is 3 BTC. But there is no any guarantee that after paying ransom amount you will get the decrypter tool. So it is advised by expert that you need avoid to pay the ransom amount and delete .odin extension as soon as possible from your compromised machine.

+++ How .odin extension attached into your System filenames?

Odin Ransomware usually uses Spam-emails or Junk mail attachments to intrudes into your PC. It hides itself inside the archives files with .xls, .doc or WSF script attachments. Once you access, open or respond such a mail attachments then it can automatically intrudes into your PC from a dubious sits as an encoded files with .odin extension. The encrypted files may get easily decoded into the Windows Dynamic Link Library file. Along with this, it uses several deceptive method to attack the victims PC including torrent files, freeware packages, online games, infected devices, file sharing network and so on.

Know how to decrypt .odin extension files manually

.odin extension files can be decrypt by using manual methods.

Method 1 – Restore your System by using System Restore

  1. Begin search for “System Restore” option.
  2. After searching click on the result.
  3. Select the date before the appearance of infection.
  4. Now follow the instructions carefully that described on your Windows screen.

Method 2 – Roll the System files back to the previous version

Previous version can be copies of files and folders that created by Windows Backup or System restore. Affected user can easily use this feature to restore their encrypted files and folders. You should keep point in your mind that this feature is only available in Windows 7 and later versions. To roll the system files follow these procedures :

  1. Right-click on the file and select Properties menu.
  2. Then after open the tab of Previous Version.
  3. Now choose the latest version and then hit on Copy.
  4. Hit on the Restore option.

Method 3 – Restore .odin extension files by using shadow copies

  1. Install and execute Shadow Explorer.
  2. Choose the drive or folder where your system files are located and date from which you want to restore them.
  3. Right click on those folder which you want to restore and then choose Export option.
  4. Select the export location and view all restored files.

About described manual method will definitely help you to decrypt your all files that append with .odin extension but this method require highly advanced skills and knowledge. It is mainly used by only advanced and technical expert user because one wrong procedure can cause lots of serious damages. If you are not a technical expert user then you should avoid to use manual method and opt automatic removal method.

**Go through with this link to decrypt .odin extension files automatically.**

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